Sherlock Craft 1000 followers giveaway! Part two

(you can find the other giveaway here)

So, a little bit ago we hit 1000 followers, and now I’m in the position to do a couple of little giveaways for you lovely people!

Simply reblog this post before the end of July to go in the draw to win the items pictured above, which includes two posters, a variety of postcards, bookmarks, stickers and magnets, as well as an artbook!

You do not have to be following this blog to enter, and Winners will be chosen by ramdom number generator on the 1st August!

If you know you really want it, you can find all these things (and/or other awesome Sherlocky items) here

only a couple of days left to enter!

Walls are getting thinner in 221B.

Sherlock: The Network: What is this thing you do with your lips?



Heaven and Hell, two warring realms that clash in everything else, in beliefs and principles, in methods and goals, both agree on one thing.

Make a guess.

 ”You know what? When angels and demons agree on something, call me nuts, I pay attention.”  - Sam Winchester


in all my life, I have never encountered such an astounding act of trolling as the time I spent an hour and a half downloading what I thought was a Good Omens fanmix and then discovering that it was a Best of Queen album.